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Inherently within the natural course of events over time within its stages of development a religious organization will experience various challenges and resulting deviations in relation to its initial practices, values and doctrinal beliefs. The degree or magnitude of these challenges and deviations will vary according to the influence wielded by those opposed to the institutionalized dogma and those that seek to uphold the status quo. Such shifts and changes are an inevitable process of church life and can be easily documented by the most cursory review of the history of the Christian Church.


Jesus having laid the spiritual foundation for the church went on to settle its mortgage by purchasing it with his own blood and set it in motion with the guiding over-site of the Holy Ghost. Initially placing its operations in the hands of those early apostles, has in this current dispensation and time given over its governance to the saints.  Now, as the Apostle Paul so eloquently states:


“… we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7


And, though we hold this treasure as best we can, our earthen vessel does not process the capacity to operate within perfection and inerrancy. As a result, church leadership has at times failed to rightly judge and respond to the questions, issues and challenges posed. This premise being established as a true axiom, it can then only be concluded that it has been purely through God’s grace and tender mercies that God’s church, cared for by human leadership has manage to fare as well as we have. 


Along with this grace and mercy comes an amazing pardon. An open and extended invitation from God for repentance and what I have termed “re-inventation.”


 “Re-invention” is a process by which we deconstruct present matters and employ the knowledge of our past actions and merge our current realities to form the building blocks of a renewed future.

Through this action, God provides a means of spiritual adjustment and affords us an opportunity to become realigned with his word, his will and his way. This divine invitation for “re-invention” remains opened and extended to us right now.


In light of this, I both humbly and strongly encourage us to openly and honestly assess our church’s current condition, direction and apparent prognosis. Can we honestly say that we; along with our predecessors, have led, judged and guided this church within the infinitely perfect will of God? Though at times my pride resists owning its own folly and errors, the power of the one who knows both the “thoughts and intents of my heart” lays the matter open before me rendering me without defense. We have and will continue to fall short of infallible leadership. Such an admission is the key to our correction. We must not allow pride to condone our actions so firmly that we fail to avail ourselves of God’s opportunity for course correction and in turn, both our personal and private “re-invention.”


Brethren, I ask that we would reinterpret our current paradigms by which we have functioned; examining them in the light of our initial introduction to salvation and our personal responsibilities invested within our individual callings to the ministry. Let's ask ourselves the questions; Have you personally felt spiritually fulfilled having utilized your spiritual gifts for ministry and kingdom building that God has imparted in you on this executive board? Has the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit had frequent opportunity to function within our work as an executive board member resulting in the saving of souls and the growth and edification of the saints? Is there any empirical evidence of such?


In the strongest manner I can, I ask that we resist the prideful urge to defend our actions or in actions as the case may be and acknowledge the urgency for us to embrace God’s invitation for re-invention. The prescription for such a matter remains unchanged:


“If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14



I call for an immediate and deliberate action to place the majority of our energies and efforts in a direction that will  provide immediate and measurable support to that which enhances our ability to win souls, mend hearts, and edify God’s people. As with all spiritual endeavors it must begin and be sustained by vigilant prayer. Along with our partitions for divine aid and support, our actions must be in concert with God’s heart. That is to say doing those things that openly and unselfishly honor him and glorify his Son. In so doing, we shall then be able to look both frankly and sincerely at our current state and determine how best to bring about a profitable “re-invention” of our national church and its ministry; focusing on that divine directive uttered by Jesus himself: “And if I be lifted, I’ll draw all men unto me.” Brethen Let's Lift Christ Anew!  I await your response.


All To Him I Owe,

Bishop Rex M. Waddell

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