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The Power of Pentecost


This series of lessons will accompany the "count down" to the celebration of Pentecost which occurs fifty days after Easter. The study will focus on the many workings of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer and to some extent we will reveal the ministry of the Holy Spirit within the early church. 

In this section we will feature monthly bible studies that I have written with you in mind! You may download the studies for your personal devotion and bible study or to share with a friend or group.  Simply click on the picture of bibles above the bible study lesson that you are interested in reading. An additional lesson will be added each week until the series is completed.

LESSON #2 Take It Back To God

LESSON 1:What About The Tithe?

Lesson 1: Holy Ghost Our Comforter
Heading 6

LESSON #5 The Transforming Vision of God

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