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Put it on your calendar RIGHT NOW to join me live of FACEBOOK for "BIBLE STUDY LIVE" each week! Please log on and SHARE the experience with others. In fact, I may even be doing a BIBLE STUDY LIVE WEEKDAY EDITION ON SITE broadcast from a location NEAR YOU! If so, I would LOVE to have you come out and join us ON SITE! If you would like to host an ON SITE BIBLE STUDY LIVE session then simply drop me an email at:  I'd LOVE to come and enjoy the fellowship!... and it's not an expensive invitation... ijs  LOL

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This series of sermons and bible studies address issues surrounding the recent Corona Virus pandemic and is meant to provide sound biblical and emotional support and insight to minister to all of us during this time of international crisis. We pray that this series of messages would prove to be a tremendous blessing to you and that you would share this encouragement with others.

Bishop Rex M. Waddell 

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Hope 4/5/20

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Faith In The Fire 4/19/20

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God Is Already There


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God Is Our Hope 5/17/20

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Trump the Church and God's Boundaries


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Does Jesus Care?


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A Cure For The Nation


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Delayed But Not Denied


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