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Interview with Pastor George Mimms

Senior Pastor of The Church of the Living God Temple 21 Pittsburg, California

by Bishop Rex Waddell

Pretty As A Picture

It was one of those beautifully sunny and perfect days that anyone who has ever visited the San Francisco bay area has come to relish especially when the interior parts of the country are almost entirely blanketed in gray skies and bone chilling temperatures. As I drove from my hotel to the church, I just had to let my windows down and feel the warm breeze whisk through the car as I gazed at the brilliant greenery and the bright blooms or red, yellow and orange hailing from various yards and flower pots that lined the boulevards. The church was located on a busy street nestled among at least four other churches within easy walking distance. As I parked in the church's lot and step out of my car, I found myself admiring the church's Spanish architectural design with its soft arches and adobe appearance. Walking through some magnificent wooden carved doors that provided the entrance, I was surprisingly greeted by a very modern foyer and doors that led to a versatile worship space complete with a stage-pulpit platform, balcony and state-of-the-art projectors and audio equipment.  The space was peaceful yet energetically inviting.

My moment of captivation was quickly interrupted by the sound of Pastor Mimms' chuckles and warm words of welcome. As we hugged and greeted one another, I couldn't help but think just how extremely proud I felt of Pastor Mimms and his wife Chree and what a tremendous blessing it was to have played some small part in their growth as ministers of the gospel.


Lights, Camera, Action!

After exchanging a few pleasantries we each grabbed a beverage and took a seat around a small table located near the front of the worship area. We started off with a word of prayer, then I opened my laptop, turned off my phone and the interview began. 

BIBLESTUDYLIVE: What was your experience like when you were called into the preaching/teaching ministry? 

PASTOR MIMMS: I guess I would have to describe it as being both scary and comforting at the same time.



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