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Our Story Is Just Beginning

The following video provides a brief insight into my life's journey thus far. My life has been nothing less than a "Miracle Of God's Mercy!"  - I stand in awe of the unmerited favor God continues to shower down upon me. This isn't simply "my story," it's really "our story"- because God has groomed and prepared me for this season that the Church of the Living God (C.W.F.F.) is experiencing. I'm blessed and honored to be a son of this church and I've never known any other. 

As we near our national convention convening in Louisville, Kentucky I am asking for: "Your Prayers, Your Presence and Your Participation" - Please allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you in this year's election process. The future of our church depends on it.  God Bless You All   -Bishop Waddell 

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