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I Truly Say "Thy Will Be Done."

Born in Brownsville, Tennessee, I was brought to the Church of the Living God (C.W.F.F.) Temple #46 in Decatur, Illinois shortly after the death of my mother at the age of 7-weeks old by my aunt and uncle the late James and Edna Powell.


I grew up actively involved in the church. Under the guidance of the late Bishop E. A. Morgan, and with the love and encouragement of so many of the saints, I accepted Christ at an early age and answered my call to the ministry at age seventeen. I deeply loved the church then, and even  more so now, after  serving over 30 years as pastor of  Temple #203 of Fairview Heights,    Illinois.  As a young elder I was fortunate to have worked side-by-side with the late Bishop W.E. Crumes developing the “Bishop W.E. Crumes Ministerial Institute” and since its inception, we have been blessed to see hundreds of people receive encouragement and sound biblical instruction. Later as General Treasurer,  I was blessed to  reconstruct our accounting practices establishing safe-guards and well organized budgetary practices.  As district Overseer, I organized youth Jamborees with well over 200 youth in attendance and greatly supported the district’s men’s ministry.  


As a pastor, words simply cannot express what a wonderful experience it has been working together with the best congregation on the planet! With God’s help the church has grown in every imaginable way.


Today, we are blessed with  several thriving ministries situated on two campuses including: a family life center residing on 20 acres and our main church and business facilities on 5 acres! God has done it all for HIS glory!  My wife, the dynamic Evangelist Roslyn Bartley-Waddell and I have committed our lives to expanding God’s kingdom here on earth; and we determined to continue to do the work of the Lord “while it is day!”

God has blessed me to develop my gifts in so many ways. For example, I’ve served as executive director of  not for profit agency with  over a one million dollar budget, developed curriculum for several public school districts and grew a successful  family real estate business. Soon to complete a PhD from the University of Missouri-St Louis in Policy and Leadership, I have done my best to stir every gift within me. Recognizing that I have more years behind me than in front, I just want to do God’s will and fulfill all that God has called me to accomplish in my life.  But my friends, for what I believe God is calling me to do for Him at this time– I need your prayerful support.

Having been fortunate to serve in several key areas in our church, I’ve been able to observe the inner workings of our brotherhood from different perspectives.  Through much prayer and godly counsel, I have come to sum up much of our current issues with the acronym F.O.G.  From a driver’s viewpoint, F.O.G. obscures vision, delays progress and creates hazardous conditions; however once the F.O.G. clears, vision is greatly improved and conditions become much for favorable. It’s time we cleared the F.O.G.


F stands for FINANCE


We generate our national church funds today in  basically the same manner as we have since our inception over 129 years ago. However, how people give, and why people give has changed tremendously. We can begin by employing new technologies that will  greatly enhance how we collect and report our church’s funding. In addition, we can improve our church’s financial standing by actively pursuing a balanced budget, working to repurpose our national meetings in a manner that makes it more attractive to our current membership and that would serve to motivate people outside the Brotherhood to attend. Furthermore, through collective efforts of grants, socio-economic related endeavors and better marketing we can create multiple streams of income.


Less than one percent of all monies generated actually go to what we would call “ministry.” Areas such as national convention cost, stipends along with salaries and benefits accounts for the other ninety-nine percent of all national funding. 


Despite collecting some $250,000 annually, we have been operating in a deficit for the past several years.  We have a spending problem! Consequently, stipends, salaries and benefits must begin to reflect the realities of our current financial condition.  However, we can improve our bottom line by streamlining many of our costly endeavors and making more fiscally sound decisions.

How we use our finances greatly illustrates the real priorities of our national organization. The church is called to minister to people; so it only stands to reason that we should invest in people. Funding should be allocated in a manner that provides: quality education, training and mentoring opportunities that would help to encourage, inspire and develop our church’s clergy and lay leaders.  In addition, financial efforts  can be developed that would address some specific needs of our local churches.



O Stands for OUTREACH


Evangelical outreach comprises traditional facets of ministry such as: canvassing, distribution of goods and volunteer services, revivals, and retreats and conferences. We must be mindful that nothing that the church does is more important than winning souls to Christ. Consequently, evangelism must never be an afterthought, but rather be executed with intentionality. This area can be addressed by providing training and mentoring in various aspects of evangelical models along with the provision of adequate supportive funding. Likewise, discipleship must be an important element of our overall evangelistic programming.



In addition, outreach should also involve the Brotherhood establishing relationships with other ministries, denominations and corporations. Such outreach efforts will help expand our church’s footprint by increasing overall public awareness of our organization; this would give us access to additional resources, increase our capacity for ministry and provide new streams of income.


The Great Commission instructs us to preach the gospel to every creature.  Therefore, our outreach efforts must grow beyond our inner circle and expand into areas of our nation and of the world that so desperately needs to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and experience the love of God’s people in real and meaningful ways.




Setting realistic goals serves to provide vision and direction. However, it is critical to create a sense of collaboration among the rank and file when establishing both short and long term goals and objectives.  When goals are established in this way, we will witness increased levels of participation, enthusiasm and support among everyone.  Furthermore, we must strive to make sure there’s room for everyone to contribute their gifts, talents and abilities towards our national efforts regardless of titles or relationship.


In summation, I have begun to prayerfully create various mechanisms that will afford us the opportunity to implement the diverse reformational concepts mentioned in this brochure. You can find more details about these matters by visiting our website:  bishopwaddell.com


At this point in my life, I have no desire to simply “run” for an office– I am running for God’s “will” for my life. I sincerely believe God is calling me for such a time as this, and ask that those of you who can, would join us in Louisville, Kentucky during our national convention and prayerfully exercise your voting privileges as the Spirit of God guides you. Thank you. –Bishop Rex M. Waddell


For God’s Glory and Our Edification!

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